100% natural   straws

36.4 billion straws are used in Europe every year. The majority of these straws are made of single-use plastic and therefore will be banned in the EU starting 2021.
A growing number of consumers is aware of the detrimental effects of single-use plastic on the environment. As a result, many are looking for sustainable alternatives.

STRWBRRY offers a solution by catering to the need for sustainable options in the form of three types of 100% natural and organic straws

STRWBRRY productie rietjes

Our straws

Bamboo straws


The bamboo straws are reusable and can be customized with a logo or image, making it a nice souvenir for customers. 

dried grass straws

Dried grass

The grass straw is made from lepironia grass, is easily disposable and made for single usage. 

sugarcane straws


The sugar cane straw is produced from largely sugarcane waste. It is wide enough for thick drinks and can have a spear cut if desired.

lepironia grass


The grass and bamboo straw are cultivated, cut, cleaned and dried by hand in Vietnam. Throughout this entire production process, no chemical products or pesticides are used. 

The sugarcane straws are 100% natural and produced from sugar cane waste.

lepironia grass


STRWBRRY strives to offer a surprising, practical and, above all, sustainable alternative for plastic straws. This way STRWBRRY hopes to contribute to the reduction of single-use plastic and the harmful effects on our environment that come with its usage.